Risk Management

Risk Management 

Understanding and diligently considering myriad risk factors is essential to the security of wealth and capital, underpinning the success of any investment or financial plan.

There will always be elements of risk in the financial industry, and we at Sirius Financial Consulting have established sound practices and management methods to reduce threats to your overall portfolio and respond dynamically to any unforeseen events which may negatively affect your position.

Our due diligence process is meticulous, with our team conducting an in-depth evaluation of the market, investment target, and its ability to realize potential. Taking into consideration a range of factors and our client’s position, we look to identify solutions which not only meet your requirements and offer satisfactory returns, but also satisfy your risk tolerance, which is determined with your personal advisor in the planning stage of your strategy.

When constructing and developing a portfolio, we believe that diversity is essential to stability, spreading risk across individual investments ensuring that a downturn in performance from one individual asset will not affect your overall position.

Our strategies, plan and portfolio structure are pragmatic and able to adjust to events and increases in the level of risk. By constantly overseeing investments and monitoring the market, we are able to identify potential threats and take reactive action should risk exceed your tolerance. In response, we advocate divestment of underperforming assets and investments, and the reallocation of capital into suitable alternatives, offering continual guidance throughout the process.