Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct has been designed not only to maintain our internal efficiency and adherence to industry regulations, but also to ensure that we provide a consistently high-quality service.


We operate transparently in every aspect of our company to instill trust in our relationships and build close partnerships with our clients which we believe is essential for establishing the foundation for success.

Our core principles underpin everything we do, with corporate, social and environmental responsibility key tenets of our service. We consider the interests of all stakeholders connected to the company in everything we do, making sure we act conscientiously and ethically.  

We at Sirius Financial Consulting endeavor to form long-lasting and productive relationships with clients and the wider community, engaging with individuals and organizations to promote our values and ensure upright practices within Sirius Financial Consulting. As an international company, we understand that our actions have consequences, and as such we constantly seek to reduce our environmental footprint, support social change through local community programs and international interest groups, and ensure complete adherence to regulations and our own standards.