Founded in 2012 with a vision to provide clients with a service they can trust.
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Offering a full range of financial services to clients based around the world.

Welcome to Sirius Financial Consulting

We Care About Our Reputation

Founded in 2012 with a vision to provide clients with a service they can trust, Sirius Financial Consulting is an internationally reputed private wealth management firm headquartered in Japan. Offering a full range of financial services to clients based around the world, we deliver impartial guidance by leveraging our industry expertise and unique insight into markets and their opportunities.


As one of Asia’s most respected financial institutions, we hold ourselves to the highest standards and are loyal partners in all your endeavors. Our reputation has been built on the successes of our clients, with our team working ardently to understand your position and lay the foundations for your future success through diligent planning, dynamic investment frameworks and innovative strategies.


Our services are administered by expert professionals from around the world, bringing clients emerging opportunities in key markets. We focus on identifying high growth potential options, with our comprehensive research and analysis determining its capacity to produce significant return on capital investment.


Whether you are looking to fund expansion as a business or an individual seeking to develop your portfolio, clients can trust that Sirius Financial Consulting has the knowledge and dedication required to help you reach your goals.

Our Team

Our client advisory team comprises of seasoned professionals adept at delivering bespoke investment strategies and effectively managing client assets.

Market Analysis

Understanding and diligently considering myriad risk factors is essential to the security of wealth and capital, underpinning the success of any investment or financial plan.

Financial Planning

Our service is focused on uncovering value in high-potential investment options, with our advisors working with clients to discern the most appropriate for their situation.

Why Sirius Financial Consulting?

Throughout our history, we have dedicated ourselves to our clients, helping them reach their ambitions by delivering bespoke solutions to the myriad challenges they face and imparting sound financial advice to safeguard and increase wealth through unique and innovative wealth management strategies.


As one of the region’s most prominent financial services firms, we work hard to uphold our reputation, with our advisors, among the most distinguished in the industry, at the forefront of Sirius Financial Consulting

With practiced professionals from around the world, our team consists of experienced specialists in their chosen fields with the ability to deliver plans specifically designed to meet the individual requirements of our clients.


Sirius Financial Consulting offers an unparalleled service upon the foundations of intelligent market research, employing cutting-edge analytics to uncover value and determine opportunities with real potential.


Remaining true to our founding principles, we serve every client with equal dedication towards the achievement of their goals. 

Our Senior Team.

More Than Just An Advisory Service.

Our due diligence process is meticulous, with our team conducting an in-depth evaluation of the market, investment target, and its ability to realize potential. Taking into consideration a range of factors and our client’s position, we look to identify solutions which not only meet your requirements and offer satisfactory returns, but also satisfy your risk tolerance, which is determined with your personal advisor in the planning stage of your strategy.

Eric Chambers


Eric Chambers brings over two decades of experience investing in and helping to build leading growth companies. As Chief Executive Officer of Sirius Financial Consulting, Eric has helped increase the firm’s global presence and deepened its capital base. and often helps to advise directly on both investment and planning issues for some of Sirius Financial Consulting largest clients.

Gavin Dolley

Executive Vice President

In addition to overseeing the portfolio management and trading operations of the firm, his responsibilities as part of the Sirius Financial Consulting investment committee include utilizing state-of-the-art technology to analyse investment options and provide Sirius Financial Consulting investment team with solid research on which to base investment decisions.

Martin Chen

Cheif Compliance Officer

Martin Chen is the Chief Compliance Officer at Sirius Financial Consulting. Martin has been with Sirius Financial Consulting since 2012 and spends much of his time researching individual stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds. He also provides advice to several Fortune 1000 firms, while providing general investment advice to corporate clients and individuals.